your ears are full but you're empty.: 5:28 p.m., 2005-09-06.
writer: katie

as you may know, william rehnquist is dead.

i say good riddance to a hateful, narrow-minded, racist, oppressive fool. my only contention with his death is that now our own beloved george bush gets two supreme court nominations, no doubt in favor of school prayer, racism, creationism, phobia of women and minorites, outlawing abortions and faggots, and just generally ensuring the vitality of their own christian-white-bread agenda. not to mention slacking off while half of the southeastern united states has just turned into hell on earth.

look, what is so terrible about a little balance in government? moderation? does everything have to be way way left or way way right? there is such a thing as being too liberal, just as there is such a thing as being too conservative, you know. speaking of which, why is liberalism dying? look at this country. women and minorities and democrats are everywhere and yet these fascist swine keep winning, and keep taking away FREEDUM while claiming that they're protecting it. freedom for fools and fascists and idiots, you mean. freedom for white christian men to tell me how i may live my life. freedom for the belligerent child in the white house to kill middle-eastern children while taking away art and music in public schools. this entire administration has been crying freedom since 2000, but it's been about reviving the power of the rich white aristocracy. yes, aristocracy. an aristocracy so intent on how they can suck the american public dry that they've managed to corrupt freedom - something that was once a beautiful and noble concept - into something that makes me sick every time i hear the word.

god save america.

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