about: 3:45 a.m., 2004-12-20.
writer: katie

so, what the fuck is up with this site, anyway?

you, my friend, have stumbled upon something very special indeed. you might have already gathered that from the happy smiling face of our friend vladimir over there.

this is euclidean. it's a sort of writer's group. i mean, i guess. whatever it is, it is certainly not another one of my attempts at gaining power of any kind. certainly not. unlike other groups/cliques you may have seen, we're not going to systematically kick people out every month, or try to enforce any sort of rules or other such communist bullshit. rather, members can do whatever the fuck they want, provided it passes through me and my advisor(s) first.

this is a writer's pyramid, you see. it's not really an elitist sort of thing - well, maybe it is, but who cares? if you're good enough, you'll find your way in. if you're not, i'll just kind of laugh at you and send you on your way. it's that simple.

even though i started this thing mostly on my own, i really don't intend on turning this into any sort of elitist fuckwit group. there's no set number of people who can be in it, and no rigorous application process. all that's required is a note. someone will check you out, see what you're all about, and you're either in or you're not. for a while, that someone will likely be me. don't worry - i'm pretty much harmless.

i'm not sure where we're [i'm?] going with this, really. like i said, once you're in, you can do whatever the fuck you want. just participate. you know, post a rant or somesuch - or if you're good enough, creative ventures. i've got image space you can use, if needed. mind you, 'creative ventures' will be monitored closely. no goth poetry, you know. goth poetry will get you summarily banned.

there's not much else to it, really. again, leave a note if you're remotely interested. woot.

some questions you might be asking yourself, and consequently, me:

who is that on your image?
that, my friend, is vladimir lenin.

lenin? wasn't he, like, a communist or something?
nah, he was more of a socialist. at first, anyway. he went mad with power, though, and eventually russia became a communist state.

well, i'm not, though i can't say the same for my associates.

so wtf is up with lenin?
well, i find his reign rather interesting. also, i own this group, and designed the layout. i rule with an iron fist. much like our friend vladimir. he was known as being a voracious revolutionary, though he failed many times at starting his revolution until he got lucky and got the german government on his side during world war i. also, he is often unconsciously associated with delusions of grandeur and, of course, madness. jesus, just look at us. at least three of the four of us [katie, john, and michelle] fit that description pretty well, except we don't have kaiser wilhelm backing us, so we probably won't get lucky and seize control of the largest landmass in the world, and all of its indigenous peoples. sigh.

what was so cool about lenin, then?
you're on the fucking internet - a network devoted to the storage of information such that it is accessible to millions of people. instead of letting my biased opinion be your sole knowledge of the subject of vladimir ilyich lenin, find out for yourself, you lazy fuckwit.

oh. okay, then. so what's "euclidean" mean?
well, before i started this little venture, i was in a diaryland writer's group called "the circle". though i didn't know it at the time, the leader of this little group was also a little power-hungry, the difference between her and me is this: she's just fucking annoying, whereas i am not. i noticed a theme with the diarists she eventually began choosing to be in the group, and after she opened it up to everyone, the people that were joining it: they were all teenage goth girls. i hate goth girls. [i include boys in the term "goth girls".] so i called it euclidean, because there was this guy, a greek mathematician. his name was euclid, and he came up with this concept called euclidean space. while such groups as the circle promote terribly one-dimensional thinking [wallowing in self-pity/self-hatred/cutting/teenage romance/etc.], we're out there in real space, yo. it's called real life, in the real universe we live in, and not the one we create for ourselves so we can feel special, you see. and we focus on shit that matters.

so you're saying i don't matter?
if you're even asking me this question, then yes. that shows that your definition of self is based entirely on what some idiot who can use big words and talk about politics on the internet thinks, and people like that don't matter to me, or the people i respect, or the people who write for this group. i suggest you find your validation somewhere else, like, i don't know, with the members of those other groups i mentioned.

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